Carolina Women for Change & Empowerment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit platform that allows local women to come together and become informed philanthropist and community volunteers.



The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to become a long-term, community development and outreach organization that transforms a team of local women into experienced volunteers, knowledgeable philanthropists, and community activists.



Carolina Women for Change and Empowerment is being established to tackle various community issues by influencing a spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism resulting in the change and empowerment of the community with the following programs.


  • Annual Ladies' Tea Etiquette Program


  • Back Pack Attack


  • Community Health & Wellness Initiative


  • Thanksgiving Turkey Give Away



CW4CE will continuously be in the pursuit of the following principles:


  • Community: CW4CE plans to bring diverse groups of people together to positively impact the forward progression of the area in which they live, work and play.


  • Compassion: The women and volunteers of CW4CE will always act in a manner that is helpful to others and display a genuine concern and care for those around them.


  • Empowerment: The focus of CW4CE is to empower the women and volunteers of the organization to break socio-cultural, geographical, environmental, political and economic, barriers


  • Philanthropy: The women and volunteers of CW4CE will always make an effort to increase the well-being of humankind with acts of charity and donations. 


  • Sisterhood: Sisterhood is an essential component of CW4CE; creating a bond between women of all backgrounds and ethnicities, focused on a common cause. 


  • Volunteerism: CW4CE will remain socially responsible in various social and educational activities in the communities, giving their time, expertise, and energy to benefit the public. 




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