CW4CE Ladies' Tea

Created to strengthen relationships between young ladies and women. While we build these relationships we will also educate them on the things that society does not always prepare you for (i.e. etiquette, finances, networking, fitness/nutrition, texting while driving, sexting, etc). 




Carolina Women for Change and Empowerment tackle various community issues by influencing a spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism resulting in the change and empowerment of the community.


To volunteer or request more information about the various programs CW4CE conduct each year please contact our Program Committee Chairperson at


Annual BackPackAttack

Each year we adopt a deserving school in partnership with that school's Saturday Academy to provide a day of fun, music, and educational games. The kids play the games, while earning "money" to purchase a variety of school supplies to pack their new book bags. 

The Evening of Gallantry an event for males 7 years old and up.

Guest speakers for all ages, fun, fellowship, and heavy hors d'oeuvres are enjoyed throughout the night.

With current events happening around the world, we feel compelled to have this event for the Males in our local community to ensure we focus on the future, and the youth that are going to lead it.

Community Health & Wellness Initiative

Combining health and wellness is not just for the body but includes the brain.  Introducing various activities that are free and cost efficient will be presented.  Evoking community awareness through establishing affordable and innovative ways to approach diversity in diet, exercise, food preparation and purchases will be initiated.


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